Winter weather picker-upper!

With all of this crazy weather we've been having, my allergies and immune system seem to be suffering! Stuffy nose, itchy throat, puffy eyes, and just about anything else you can think of! For the first few days of this evil cycle, I kept searching for relief, and I have finally found it!

Boy oh boy do I love this tea! I've loved Celestial brand forever, but I had never tried this until about a week ago when I was searching for sore throat relief! It is the perfect blend, and I don't think any of the flavors overpower the other, it's the perfect blend!
Mmm mmm mmm. This candle makes me so happy. I light it just before bed, normally for 10 or so minutes so the smell has just enough time to fill up my room, and then blow it out before bed. It is so calming and I'm almost positive it's the main reason I've slept so well the past few nights.

This has to be my new favorite scent from B&BW! It's light and floral, and I just love it! With all of this cold weather, I lather it on after showers, before I leave the house, when I'm out, just about anytime actually!

I know these technically aren't a pick me up, but I am so in love with my newest pair of Lululemon yoga pants that Thomas got me for Christmas. I feel like they're actually warmer than all of my other yoga pants (lol yeah right), and they feel so perfect, and are totally comfy! Who wouldn't love them?

I hope everyone is staying well and warm! It's been so cold the past few nights, I couldn't imagine it getting any colder! Have a great weekend y'all!


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