Thrifty Thursday Finds!

So, if you haven't caught on, I love upcycling! Check out one of my previous upcycling adventures Here!
Most of the items I upcycle come from the Christian resale store or Goodwill! You'd be surprised at some of the awesome stuff you can find in there!
Today I went in there, not looking for anything in particular, just hoping to find something that had potential, and boy did I!

Here was my cart as I prepared to pay:
As you may know, I design/decorate/ paint tons of crosses and sell them through my Etsy shop, so this wood is an awesome score for me! Here lately, I haven't done such a great job of keeping up with it, but I'm sure I'll jump back in to the swing of things here soon! There are two of the tin stars that I've been eyeing at Hobby Lobby! Now, I can paint them whatever colors I want, and not feel guilty about it all because they were less than $3 each!

Not pictured:
I thought this little box thing was cute! It'd be even better with a couple mason jars stuffed with...
DRIED WHEAT! (that was $1.50!)

Overall, I am so happy with my random finds, that I spent less than $25 on! And I really can not wait to  decorate them!

Here's all three that I bought... Kinda wishing I would have bought the remaining two that I left at the store...
Here's my stars! They have awesome detailing, cant wait to fix 'em up!

Check back soon to see what I do with all of this "junk!"
Random shot of my sweet pup as she helped me unload my thrifty finds!

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  1. Glad you got such deals! I am not creative enough to do stuff like that! hahah But I cant wait to see what you do with it! :)

    Love Always,