20 things I learned on Saturday night!

Boy oh boy was this Saturday filled with uh... excitement?
This past Saturday, Thomas, his brother, and my best friend attended 99.5 The Wolf's Texas Mardi Gras at Fair Park. I've gone to this concert since I was 15, last year Thomas and I went and had a great time, this year was quite a different story. Here's a few things I learned, through my (20 year old) eyes, while there:

  1. 15 year olds, running around, screaming "I am SOOO F***ED UP," is totally normal. And you should not be alarmed
  2. You are NOT allowed to slap a guy after he grabs your butt... Isn't he entitled to do that?
  3. Events such as this, are pretty much high school reunions. Plan on seeing everyone you have ever known.
  4. When you see someone you know/ once knew/ saw once on twitter when someone retweeted them, you should MUST run up, screaming and give them the biggest hug ever.
  5. While we're at it about the HS reunions, also plan on seeing all the same people from your high school, just dating different people who also attended your high school! (New relationships, same circles of people).
  6. If your boobs aren't hanging out of your shirt, why would you even want boobs?
  7. Ferociously sucking your boyfriend/girlfriends face off, for over 5 minutes, while surrounded by 5,000 of your closest friends is totally cool.
  8. Unlike normal society, here, it is totally okay to run right into someone, not apologize, and just walk away.
  9. When you're underage, showing your boobs, butt, left leg, etc., is completely acceptable, as long as you get beads for doing it... Especially when your mother is standing right next to you!
  10. Dressing "Frat" is the greatest thing ever. It is clearly the coolest and only way to dress... For all high schoolers. And, of course the few actual frat guys who were there.
  11. Regardless of what time of year it is, it's okay to wear crop tops and booty shorts... In February... At night... Still trying to wrap my head around that one.
  12. You are Country/ Redneck, just because you can wear a pair of boots and a plaid shirt to get drunk.
  13. If you don't post a picture of you & one of your many BFF's with your beads, at the venue, were you even REALLY there?
  14. While taking said pictures, you MUST hold your beer behind your back, so everyone thinks you're not really drinking... yet everyone uses this move. So... Not quite sure how it's secretive. Hmm...
  15. "Grinding" on your 3 closest girlfriends (remember how we did at the middle school dances, yeah, like that) is so much fun, and clearly, very classy.
  16. It is okay, to sit in your own throw up/ throw up on yourself. Who really cares about finding the nearest trashcan when you can just puke all down the front of you? Pretty classy right?
  17. Cops at events such as these are pretty much there to look cool.
  18. You may be a girl, but if you get in to the middle of a true fight between two guys, you will get punched!
  19. Rock Revival brand jeans is kept in business by 99% of the men at this concert... Nothing screams obnoxious jerk like a pair of Rock Revival jeans and an Affliction shirt!
  20. And last, but certainly not least, I am officially too old to attend this event any longer.
Here's a few snaps of our night:
Casey Donahew Band
Frat boy cowboy....?
Here's one of many girls, who deemed it okay to sit in her throw up
These two made out for a good 5 minutes... In the middle of the walkway... Too bad I couldn't get my camera out quick enough to catch them in the act!
Explanation of #15.. There was a group of 5 or 6 of them.
Best friend Becca
My 1 & only :)
I wish I could say this year would have been as fun as past years, but when people watching becomes the best part, you know something is wrong!
*These are views of my own, and it is okay to disagree or hate what I said! All of these are true events from my Saturday night adventure at Texas Mardi Gras.

Tomorrow is Monday, yay! Hope everyone has a great week, stay classy y'all!

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  1. Oh my... it sounds like this place was prime real estate for people watching!