{DIY} Wine Bottle Candles

Christmas time is upon us Y'all! This year I opted for hand-making some of the gifts I plan to give! I got a little behind because I've had some major migraines lately, but nonetheless, I got them done!

1. Start with a couple wine bottles. I prefer the ones that have a straight body, the curvy ones don't cut as well!
2. Soak the bottles in a sink full of luke-warm water with about 10 table spoons of baking soda for 45 minutes. This helps the process of taking the labels off much easier.
3. Normally the labels will peel right off! If not, I used my scrubbing brush from the sink, or steel wool to get the remaining label off. I let my bottles sit for about a week so they are able to dry completely.
4.Here are my main supplies to cut the glass. Yarn, Acetone, a small bowl and wine bottles. 
5. Take the yarn, and wrap it around the bottle between 5-10 times, and tie a knot each time you wrap the yarn around the bottle. Make sure the yarn is not too tight on the bottle, if so, you won't be able to get it back on to the bottle after soaking it in acetone.
6. Remove the yarn from the bottle and soak it in acetone.

7. Place the yarn back on the bottle, dry the dripping acetone off of the bottom half of the bottle.
8. Light the yarn on fire. Rotate the bottle constantly until the flame is almost out. You'll know the flame is about to go out when all you see is a faint blue flame. At this point, dunk the bottle, neck down, into ice cold water. I normally use one side of my sink for the lighting side, and one side for the cold water.
This is how the bottles will look after you have dunked them in the cold water! The edges aren't always smooth.

9. Measure your wick to the bottom of your jar, and wrap it around something that will keep it steady.
I bought soy wax from Michaels. It's not too expensive, and with their coupon, it was an even better price!

10. Pack 2 cups firmly and place in microwave. I bought this wax because it could be microwaved, which was much easier than doing it on the stove.
Here is my wine scents. I ordered them from Nature's Garden, along with my wicks and normally my wax as well. They have tons of different scents for candle, soap and cosmetic makings!

11. Once wax is melted and fragrance has been added, pour into mold (Wine bottle in this case), and let sit for about 3 hours.
12. I let mine sit overnight to be sure it is 100% molded. Once firm, trim the wick, and BAM! You're done!
 I wrapped mine in cellophane, and added a cute Christmas gift tag!

I also made lavender body scrub, which smells amazing! My entire house smells like a mix of wine scents and lavender, and I'm not complaining! This was such an easy and fun project to do, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!
Have a Merry Christmas Y'all! I hope Santa brings all of my readers exactly what they want for Christmas!

XoXo- Tiffani


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