Date day/night!

First and foremost, FALL SEMESTER IS OVER! Thank God. Finals were brutal, but I made it through!

To celebrate our last date night before Christmas, Thomas decided to take me to Silver Fox Steakhouse! I had never been there, but I'm always down for a good steak, and I got so much more than just a good steak!
We branched out with the start of our meal and ordered a seafood appetizer and a wedge salad, which really started us off on the right foot! Thomas, of course, wen't with the NY Strip, and I got a Filet. Both of our meals came with their garlic mashed potatoes and snow peas, all was delicious. In addition to our normal meals, Thomas ordered a side of their marvelous Mac & Cheese, which was made with truffle oil, which is by far, my favorite paring with mac & cheese! I would easily compare their's to Max's Wine Dive's AMAZING "Max & Cheese!" Our waiter was extremely helpful in deciding each item we ordered, and even managed to twist my arm enough to get me to order dessert! Pecan bread pudding- YUM! I don't do well with tree nuts because they effect my migraines, but the bread pudding itself was marvelous. It was paired with cinnamon ice cream, which is my favorite ice cream! Overall, it was an amazing meal!
The following morning, we decided to finally check out the new Top Golf in The Colony, which is just a jump, hop, and a skip away from my house. This is the THIRD Top Golf in DFW, how many metroplexes can say they have THREE?! We've been to the Allen location of Top Golf a few times, and love it, but we don't always love the price. It's $40/ hour after 6pm, which would be great if we went with a group, but it's normally just the two of us, so it's not so great! BUT, fear not! Before 6pm on weekdays, and noon on weekends, it's only $20/ hour! 
Unlike the other two Top Golf locations in DFW, the clubs are already at your bay! Normally we would have to lug a big 'ole golf bag upstairs, but not here!

Also new, a guide to the targets! Although, both Thomas and I think that they have the strangest, most messed up scoring system, this somewhat makes sense of how far you're hitting it.
Normally We would get food, but it was only 9:45am, and they don't serve breakfast. But their menu is always inviting!
Please, don't make fun of my bad form!
Thomas pretty much has it down!
Neither Thomas nor I are golf pro's, much less even that great at it, but it is so much fun, and even more fun to watch each other get frustrated when we have a bad hit, or even miss the ball completely! Top Golf is easily one of our favorite places to go when we want to have a great time!

Christmas is less than a week away, EEK! I am proud to say I have bought all my presents for everyone I planned to buy a present for, and only have a few more to wrap! I know everyone is busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, but I hope you all have the least amount of stress possible leading up to the greatest holiday ever!

XoXo- Tiffani

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