10 Things to look forward to!

Happy November Y'all! That's is strangely comforting to say, I LOVE November, but hate seeing time fly by so fast!

At the beginning of each month, I'm going to start doing 10 things I look forward to most this month.

10. Although I tweeted recently that I hated this- it was a lie. I LOVE the Starbucks red cups.. They make the 131 days until December all worth it, and the little drink inside it makes these cups even more enjoyable! I tried a chai tea latte today for the first time, and I REALLY like it. It was the perfect start to my cloudy, stuffed up, pre-test morning.
Excuse my UNmanicured nails!
9. Holiday Markets! Oh my goodness, how I love holiday markets. The jewelry, the housewares, the clothing, and everything else- I LOVE going to them! I'm way sad because I was planning on selling my crosses in a few shows this year, and the place I order my wood from for my classes had some issues with their machines, and they weren't able to produce :( That being said, they're back up and running now- So if anyone is in the market for a cute cross, let me know! I'm always trying to come up with cute new designs.

8. The Neiman Marcus Christmas Display + the lights downtown. This is always such a gorgeous set up, and it helps that it's right across from my Mom's office building. A quick lunch with her in November or December turns into a few hours checking out the Neiman Marcus displays as well as a little shopping.

7. Peppermints. I love peppermints, and at the beginning of November is when I start to see them all pop up. I make so many different peppermint related treats, and it's the perfect time for me to start stocking up on them!

6. Christmas shopping. My goal each year is to have over 75% of my Christmas gifts by November 31st to try to alleviate some of the stress of the holiday season when it comes to gift giving.

5. Thanksgiving! I LOVE Thanksgiving! Enough said, right?

4. BLACK FRIDAY! Yes, I am one of those crazy people who gets up at the crack of dawn to get to the gas station in order to snag one of the few Dallas Morning News, not for the paper itself, but for the ads inside! I blame my mom for getting me hooked, we started doing this when I was still pretty young, and I've never missed a year.

3. This one couples up number 4 & 5- spending time with my mom & aunt. They are seriously two of my most favorite women ever, and due to all three of our schedules, we hardly ever get to just hang out together, and not to mention, I have an entire week off for Thanksgiving, PAID! How awesome is that?

2. Putting up the Christmas Tree. This has become something that happens the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it makes me so happy, because it means that Fall decorations start to come down.

1. Christmas decorations. This gets its own category apart from the Christmas Tree, because I have SO many different types of decorations for all over the house, from the front yard, to the bathroom, I have it covered.
Sophie and I are both hoping to have another white Christmas this year :) 
What are some of the things you look forward to in November?

XoXo- Tiffani

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