10 Guilty Pleasures!

It's mid November... Where has 2013 gone? I'm currently wrapped up in begging for finals to be over praying I do well & studying hard for finals (or so I tell myself I am), as well as fighting the extreme urge to take down all of my fall decor and throw up the red, green and white of one of my favorite holiday's decorations, and of course, working my butt off. Although this week hasn't been as busy as some, I still feel like I hardly have time to catch my breath between events in my day.

Here's a few things that keep me sane on my craziest of days-

10. Tanning! Please don't give me the "skin cancer" speech or the "it's a waste of money" lecture. I've heard them all. The tanning bed is my 12 minutes of calmness where it's just me. I do not tan every day, heck, I barely tan every week, but I really do enjoy it, as well as the nice glow I get!

9. Photography. It's sort of my secret guilty pleasure. I have always loved taking pictures, and a while back I got a Canon DSLR camera, and have truly been obsessed even more ever since. I'm trying to break into the amateur professional photography world, or at least build some sort of a portfolio. So if you need, want, or would like to help me out, I'd love to take your pictures!

8. Chocolate covered gummy bears. I don't know what it is, they're just a little slice of heaven. It sounds like a strange combination, but don't knock it till you try it!

7. Starbucks. I really can't pick a favorite drink right now. I'm so back and forth, and I love changing it up. Oh, and you know whats a little enticing? The little imaginary stars that I receive with each purchase I make! ONLY 12 more until I'm "Gold Level"

6. Hair products. I am constantly searching for a new hair masque to help repair my ever so damaged hair. Of course, I should have listened to my mom when she told me not to dye it blonde, but did I? NOPE! It was my 3 months of "Change!" As for now, I am a happy brunette, who really needs a good hair masque. I am currently using Proclaim- Strengthening Intensive Hair Masque which I get at Sally's. A jar of it goes for about $6, which I think is great. So far so good with this one, but I'm not convinced it my forever hair masque. Any recommendations?

5. Shopping. But really, what girl can't say they love shopping? I'm not proud of how much I shop, because I know once I move out, and am on my own, paying all of my own bills, I wont be able to do it nearly as much :( But for now, I'll enjoy it!

4. Social Media. I find it a little pathetic that this is even on this list, but when I began going over all of the things I do every day, social media was one of them! I have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as this blog. Some days I am more active than others, but I enjoy being able to keep up with what my friends, or the celebrities I stalk follow are doing.

3. Mexican food. How lame right? No. Not lame, because I love it, and am so thankful to have a boyfriend who loves it as much as I do. We rate every single Mexican restaurant we go to together on a scale of 1-10 depending on the salsa, the chips, and many other things! (Look out for my next post about my favorite Mexican places!)
2. Breakfast. Oh my word. Thomas and I are constantly on the look out for the next greatest breakfast restaurant! From Mexican breakfast tacos to cinnamon rolls, we are up for anything!

1. Crafting. This is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures, and the only reason it's guilty is because it costs money. More often than not, I spend a decent amount whenever I am willing to go on a huge crafting spree, but it is really one of my biggest stress relievers as well as something I really enjoy. These two photos are each a small part of the new line of crosses I'm launching on my Etsy shop this Saturday! I'll have a few college themed as well as some animal print and patterned crosses, so go check them out on Saturday!

These are my 10 current guilty pleasures, and I'm sure in another year, I'll have an entire different list.

As I write, the temperature is rapidly dropping! The temps have dropped over 20 degrees since I started writing this blog, OH MY! If you live in North Texas, stay warm tomorrow Y'all, and enjoy your Friday!

XoXo- Tiffani

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