Happy Halloween!


I hope everyone has had a safe & fun Halloween! Although I know many of my friends are just now heading out to get the festivities started, I'm prepping for bed. *yawn*

Today has been such an eventful day! I started my day off with a unhealthy free pumpkin cookie & a skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks- So yummy!
After my classes this morning, I got to pick up my two little princesses from school. They had an early release day- which meant we got to spend the majority of the afternoon together! Shopping, crafting, and relaxing!
The girls LOVE crafting, which is awesome, because I'm such a huge crafter. Here's them, at Michael's, in their halloween costumes that they wore to school! Taylor is Princess Belle (of course) and Brooke is Rapunzel Bride!
As of today, Michael's has all of their Halloween stuff marked down at 80% off! So I stocked up for next year! And managed to snag some fun craft stuff for the girls! We built this spooky house today, and they loved it! Originally priced at $14 and we got it for under $4, that's the kinda sale I like! I grabbed a ton of cupcake wrappers, a few odds and ends to make a wreath and some cute fall scrapbook paper. I think I'm all set for next year, an entire year early!

Our two hand carved pumpkins, along with two chevron pumpkins I painted last year, and one of my favorites, a white pumpkin!

Although I didn't pass out candy, I managed to arrange our porch to look at least a little festive (most of my decorating is done inside the house)! Thomas and I carved pumpkins on Halloween Eve! His is the longhorn pumpkin, of course, and mine is the Texas Rangers one on the left.... Do you think we love the State of Texas & our sports just a little? No? I didn't think so either!

I hear some of my sister's Halloween candy calling my name from the kitchen.

I'm always curious as to what other people come up with to carve into their pumpkins! Do most people just follow a pre-cut image from the carving kit book? Or are other as adventurous as I was this year?

XoXo- Tiffani

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