Fall! & All that comes with it!

Since school started I feel as though I've been running around like a chicken with his head cut off! The only way I know what day it because my alarms are set accordingly by day; Monday/Friday- 6:15am, Tuesday/Thursday-5:00am, and Wednesday, I sleep in; 7:00am (LOL). But, this is my favorite way to live. I love being busy, and I really don't know why.

Our trip to Austin on 9/14 was such an adventure! UT lost to Ole Miss, but we still managed to have a good time!

For the past few years, which seem more like forever, I've been making high school homecoming mums... With each year that passes I say it's my last, and when each September rolls around, I always have just a few people ask me to make theirs, and that turns into a ripple effect. But this year is FOR SURE my last year! Here's a couple of the cute ones I've made this year-

And sadly, my Rangers season was cut a little short. Thomas got us tickets to the wild card tiebreaker game, which was absolutely awesome, but the Rangers just couldn't pull off a win.. No October baseball for me this year!

With fall comes the State Fair of Texas. With Thomas not going to school in Kansas anymore, I knew we'd be going at least once this year! We went the Sunday of opening weekend, and were extremely excited to realize that there was hardly anyone there! We had short lines and no overcrowding, and perfect weather!

Fried oreos! 

For our second trip to the fair, we were there for the Texas/OU game... Thomas is such a die hard UT fan, and I grew up a UT fan (although not as much of a fan as Thomas is) He's rubbed off on me, and I've really gotten into the spirit! And it didn't hurt that Texas won!

Burnt orange Belgian waffle! 

The last couple of days I've made various trips to Bath & Body Works to help get out house into the fall spirit. We not have an array of scents filling the air- Autumn, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, and  Harvest Gathering! I even did a little decorating!
 Newest wall plug in that I think is so cute! AND I got it for free! I love Bath & Body Works!
I plan to fill those two vases with pinecones and candles, unless of course I'm able to think of something that would look better!

Needless to say, the start of my fall season has been busy but filled with lots of fun stuff! I'm constantly searching for cute DIY fall decor ideas, if anyone has any that they've made or would just like to share, I'd love to hear about them/ see them!

Happy Tuesday! Only 16 days until Halloween, 43 days until Thanksgiving, 70 days until Christmas, and 86 until my birthday!

XoXo- Tiffani


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