Officially in love... With up-cycling!

verb (used with object)
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original


I've had the same color scheme, pink and black, going in my room since my sophomore year of high school, which is far to long. After a lot of talking myself into it and buying small things here and there, I decided I was finally ready to make the big switch. Switching my room up in any way is always such a huge task because I love filling my walls with shelves, picture frames, crosses and anything else I manage to hang up there. I started this process Friday night by rearranging all of the small thing that I was keeping; special picture frames, my calendar, things of that nature. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, I was so ready!

Things I needed to purchase:

-Duvet cover
-Desk chair
-Cork board
-Jewelry holder

Our first stop was goodwill... I was determined to explore the store and leave with some things I could paint and re use for something else! I left there with a small blue star shaped dish, an ugly soccer cork board, an 8x10 picture frame and a piece of wood with some hooks on it. For all of this I spent less than $5, and believe me, it was all so worth it. Looks like a bunch of junk at this point right? DEFINITELY!
As I already knew my colors were going to be sort of a light blue/ green color along with white and grey, I found this steal of a comforter for almost 1/2 of what I was going to pay for it on! Score! I love bargain!
While in the same store, my mom spotted this super cute cork board, which matched my comforter perfectly! So, naturally, I had to get it!

After a quick lunch with one of my very sweet friends and her mom at one of my favorite restaurants, Anamia's, I was home to craft the afternoon away!
So remember that ugly soccer ball cork board? Yeah this would be it! The frame is a light grey color, but the flash distorted the color a bit in the image. This was my first painting of the day, although I planed on it looking completely different, I really do love how it turned out, and it looks adorable on my wall!
We have had these two floral print canvas' for over 10 years, and for the last 6, they have sat in our garage, in a box. Well, I figured it was time to give them a face lift! Recognize that shape? No? Okay so I'm not the best technical painter, but its supposed to be the same one on my comforter as well as the cork board. Still trying to figure out where exactly they'll go in my room, but I know they'll find a home!
These were wooden picture frames I had gotten on sale at Michael's one day for 25 cents each! They're perfect for the pictures Thomas and I had taken over Christmas break this past winter! The colors from what we were wearing go so well with the colors of the frames as well of the colors in my room, I LOVE it!

So that red tinted 8x10 picture frame? This would be it. It has a piece of tulle attached to the back to hold the earrings. Saw the idea on pinterest (of course) and had to go with it! So happy with how it came out!
This would be an old ribbon holder that my aunt had gotten me when I was in the midst of my mum-making! Considering I'm no longer making mums, I just had to find a new use for it. It now holds my rings and bracelets. Great idea right? RIGHT!
Here's that strange little wood strip that had the hooks on it! It is now a necklace holder! I had preciously been using a hanging jewelry box, and boy was it bulky, not to mention, I had had it for over 6 years and it was showing its age! Glad it's gone and that I now have some cute new jewelry holders!
This is now my little jewelry corner (in addition to another stash of necklaces)! I'm really happy with how it all came out. I love the way it has a bit of a worn look, I must say, I think I did a pretty darn good job!

This is what it looks like after painting just one coat on one small small canvas. You can only imagine how I looked when everything was all said and done! I went through 37 ounces of white paint, 21 ounces of Bahama Breeze paint, and 14 ounces of grey paint! Overall, successful night of crafting, painting, upcycling, and redecorating! I've made a ton of progress so far, but I still have a lot to go. Hopefully I'll be done by Wednesday!

I am hoping to return to the Resale CCA Carrollton store, they always have some AWESOME stuff, definitely not the average resale shop. There's quite a few around me that I know of, that I'd love to visit!

Are any of my readers into upcycling or something similar? Would you be interested in trying it out one day with me?


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