New favorite breakfast spot!

So lately I've been a such a health kick, which has made going out to eat a bit of a struggle because I never know what I'm going to get, or what options I'll be able to choose from. This past week was a prime example of this. Thomas and I decided to try somewhere new for breakfast one morning. He and I both are huge into trying new places out, as well as reading reviews and things of that nature. Thomas found a hole in the wall small place called "Ham And Eggs," in Lewisville. When I say small, I mean tiny little place, in a small, sorta old looking strip shopping center. Despite the appearance, this place had amazing reviews, so we decided to try it out.
When we got inside, there was a country feel to the restaurant, and we were quickly greeted by the waitress, who I assumed was the owner. As T and I piddled through the menu, we both noticed throughout the entire restaurant there were only five workers; the waitress, the busboy, a man cleaning the windows and the two cooks, which I assume is average for a Wednesday morning, regardless, I liked the homey feel. As we looked on the wall behind us, we saw framed pictures with some familiar faces... You know, just ones like Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and many other Dallas Cowboys... So I mean, if this place is good enough for them, It's good enough for us, right?
Thomas and I decided to share our meals... We didn't think we'd be getting a feast with each meal! I went with the corn beef hash, with hash browns, eggs, and an, uh... super giant biscuit! While Thomas picked out the cinnamon roll french toast with bacon... Remember, we were planning on sharing everything, but I think we might have eaten less than 1/2 of all of this and ended up sharing more with Sophie, my dog, than each other! Every single thing we got was delicious! The giant roll was a little more wheat-ey than I prefer, but still was wonderful, everything else speaks for itself. It was all incredible! There were so many other options that we both thought sounded delicious, which I guess means that we'll just have to go back! I'd rate it an overall 8.5 on a scale of 10. There are few breakfast restaurants in which I actually really enjoy, but this place is now happily on that list!
If you're in the area, for sure check them out... Unless you're dieting... like me. And in that case, stay far far away!

Do you have any favorite breakfast places? I wanna know about them :)

XoXo- Tiffani


  1. I want to know what's in that bowl on the plate with the bread and butter! Looks yummy!

    1. Brenda, it's actually just sausage gravy, they just added bit of sausage to the top!