After all, I am JUST a nanny!

JUST a nanny is what I am. Isn't it?

I've been nannying for the past couple of years... And for the past couple of years, I've gotten snide remarks from people as well as a flood of positive comments from the people who know what childcare really is.

Some of my favorite remarks:
"It has to be so hard, because you cant spank them... Right?"
"Oh my gosh, a nanny? Really? Could you not get like, a real job?"
"How fun! You get to just watch TV and eat that family's food all the time"
And of course, my favorite, "You're JUST a nanny!"

Yes, I am JUST a nanny. Wanna know why? I don't sit around and watch TV, I don't call in to work when I feel like doing something better, I don't get the leisure of switching my shift with another co-worker but most importantly, I am JUST a nanny because being JUST a nanny is exactly what I want to do (until I'm thrown into the corporate world once I get my degree).
How many end of high school/ college jobs can young people say they truly love going to every day? Because I know every morning that I'm able to go see the precious quad babies, or my wonderful days with the other two adorable girls I nanny, I am ecstatic about it. Being a nanny means that every single day I am able to watch kids grow, help them learn, and enjoy their presence. No, I am not a "mother-substitute," or an "extended version of their own mom," both remarks I have heard a multitude of times, I am JUST Tiffani, a 19 year old nanny, that loves all the kiddos I am blessed enough to be able to spend my days with. I do laundry, I change diapers, I wipe tears, clean up boo-boos, read stories, and sing songs. Nothing is more satisfying to me than hearing one of the moms I work for say "I really appreciate everything you do," or any other sweet, reassuring positive comments.

No mater what someone does in life, or what they don't do, they will always be judged. I've learned to accept that, and embrace it. Not everyone understand everything anyone goes through each day, or what our day entails, but that being said, people can be cruel and very hurtful at times, it's all in how you take it I guess!

"Dip your tongue in wisdom, then give counsel." -Bulgarian Proverbs


-Although tonight was spent making a very yummy dinner and writing this post, tomorrow will be spent designing new crosses and working on a new type of item I plan to add to my etsy shop! Have a great start to your week y'all!


  1. I think you're a cute nanny! You do a great job :)

  2. You've got the right attitude, Tiffani! It takes a special person to have the patience and compassion for someone else's children. The two families you work for are lucky to have someone so wonderful taking care of their precious babies. Keep your head up - everyone who knows you knows you're not JUST anything!