Mini Mexico Update!

I've been so frustrated about not being able to upload pictures the normal way on blogger, I didn't even bother to blog at all! I mean... I AM on vacation right? After a lot of tries, here's a few pictures.
Dani & I both Kayaked but we were definitely tired after doing it! Also, if you look closely, you can see she got her hair braided! It's so cute on her!

Jetskiiiiiiiiiis! I know we have these at home... But how often can you get on a Jetskii in Texas, ride 1000 yards off shore and STILL see the bottom? Yeah, never.

This was our first morning. Mom & I got up at 5 to come check it out! Although we're not directly in front of the sunrise, it still looks pretty awesome!

Tomorrow is already our last day *sigh* so I'll have LOTS more pictures while we're on our layover in Florida!

Hope everyone has had an awesome week, because I sure have!

XoXo- Tiffani

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