Mexico (Part 3)

Our last full day and departure day... *sigh*

The better half of day 3 was spent laying on the beach and doing a whole lot of nothing! Just what I wanted and needed!
That afternoon though we ventured into Downtown Playa Del Carmen, to check out all the hype about 5th Avenue! Which was definitely way more than what we expected!

Although it looks a little deserted in this picture, it was quite a different scene. There were rows and rows of shops that had different goods. Everything for leather bags to Starbucks!
Which I thought was crazy. But I guess people all over the world gotta get their caffeine kick right? We also found many different restaurants and places to get ice cream and coffee!

Overall, it seemed to have been a very relaxing day! When we returned back to our room, we found some of the cutest towel animals
If only I could come home to these on my bed every day... As well as a clean room and tidy bathroom... Oh well!

For our final night, we went to the fondue restaurant on the resort! Considering non of us had ever been to a fondue restaurant before, we weren't exactly sure what to expect. Although the food was great, we weren't even able to stay for our dessert we had ordered because we were all falling asleep at the table! So we headed back to our rooms for our final slumber in paradise.

We woke up on our last morning to a very gloomy day.. Rain, and lots of it! I figured I'd take one last walk down to the beach to check it out when it was raining, it was very peaceful, and very empty!

As my favorite bartended said as I ordered my last drink and told him I was leaving... "Ohh yes, it's raining because the sky is crying because you are leaving." Maybe it was funnier if you were there? We'll go with that!

After loading our final shuttle, we took off for the airport! After a couple of delays, almost not making our connection flight because of customs, and a whole lotta turbulence... we FINALLY made it home!

I know this part was a little empty, mainly because we really did spend most of our day laying on the beach! I hope you all enjoy!

Tomorrow I'll post my review on the resort & airline (It'll be worth reading!)
Hope y'all's Wednesday has been great!

XoXo- Tiffani

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  1. OMG! If you haven't had fondue at the Melting Pot, you MUST try it. You will love it!