Mexico (Part 2)

Day full day #2 started off pretty great! We got up, had breakfast, and all made it down to the lobby to be picked up by 8:30 for our "Adventure day!"8:30 came and went... still no shuttle.. finally at 8:45 (I'm one of those people who likes to follow the schedule accordingly... so 15 minutes is a big deal to me) the shuttle arrived. Let me back track a little by saying that in Mexico, although there may be speed limit signs, there's not really any police there to run radar and make sure no ones going too fast. So we literally FLEW from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun in less than 45 minutes... A trip that would NORMALLY take an hour! I guess he did make up that 15 minutes he lost? We finally arrived in Cancun!
Mom & Dani as we waited for our boat
Again... keep in mind, I LIKE to stay on schedule. So as we gather our belonging, and make our way to the docks, we are joined by about 20 other people waiting to board the same sail boat we are. Not sure what the hold up was, but we waited for another 30 minutes before we even got on.
 Once we finally made it on the boat, we were briefed on all the procedures and what not. Less than 2 minutes after we set sail, we are given drinks from the "open bar." I guess to them open bar meant your 3 options of drinks, but whatever.
So we're sailing along, on our way to our first adventure... Snorkeling. What they failed to tell us, is that after we got onto the water, as well as after most of us had been drinking, we'd have to go down into this tiny boat to get our snorkeling gear... Uh let me just give you a little idea of what that was like- Hot, humid, cramped, gross. Get the picture? Which made me nauseous! Very nauseous actually! Right as everyone begins to jump into the water to snorkel, I lean over the edge and lets just say got a little sick. After that, I was much better and continued on to snorkeling. Although, my mom and sister weren't much into snorkeling after they realized how salty the water was, it was quite an adventure!
Once everyone was back onto the boat, we traveled to the Isla Mujeres, where we then had lunch and all relaxed for a little bit! The food here was horrible, but we made do... That's what we get for venturing off of our resort.
Swimming with a shark... Although it wasn't that big, it was still a little scary!

Then it was off to downtown Isla Mujeres for shopping! We found a few cute things, but this being our first real shopping experience in Mexico, we were a little overwhelmed!
It said Dallas, so I figured I'd take a picture with it. Notice the sign that says bathroom $5... Uh why would I pay to pee? No thanks.
Finally, it was back to the boat, and BACK to Cancun!
Bottle of Corona with our picture on it.

Returning to our room after such a long day was an awesome feeling! Thankfully, this day was the only time I got sick, and also the only day we went anywhere on a boat! At this point, Mexico had been treating us pretty darn well!

Tomorrow will be part 3! With the hotel/ airline review to follow! And those will definitely be worth reading ;)

Tonight's date night with Thomas! It's also the all MLB All Star Game, so I'm sure we'll be somewhere watching that!
Happy Tuesday!

XoXo- Tiffani

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