Mexico (Part 1)

So I figured instead of making one extremely long post, I'd separate it into 3 parts; Part 1 being our first night and first full day, part 2 being full day #2, and part three being full day #3 and day #4 (departure day), as well as after that, posting my review on our airline and hotel!

First let me start by saying we were NOT in cancun! We were in the Riviera Maya! Which I was so thankful for because it seemed MUCH MUCH MUCH more peaceful and relaxed than cancun!
We have arrived!
This is the first thing you see when you walk into the lobby of our hotel! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the entire lobby *sigh* oh well!
Another "common area" just below the main lobby! We didn't spend much time here, due to our suite being all the way in the back (by the beach) but it sure was pretty!
First night's dinner was at the main buffet. There was a lot of American food which I wasn't too pleased with, but that's okay, because everything was pretty good!
The desserts were fairly unimpressive, but the ice cream was to die for!
After dinner our first night, exploring the MASSIVE resort!
So when we booked out trip, I picked the Platinum suites partially because it was the only ones with free wifi, but little did we know we would get much more than just free wifi! Being a Platinum Suite holder was similar to being royalty! We had our own concierge, our own lobby where we could go, special treatment at the bars as well as lots of other special privileges! All for less than $50 more per day! Pretty awesome!
This shot is from full day #1! Mom and I got up SO early to go watch the sunrise. This is the platinum pool! We only went in once, mainly because we spent most of our time on the beach, but that's what we were supposed to do.. Right? And I mean, there WAS a bar, or 3, on the beach, so no need to be in the pool!

Sunrise.... So gorgeous!
I love this shot my mom got of me!
We saw some of the sweetest cats and kittens! 

Initially, when seeing some of the "Travels photo's" on trip advisor, I was a little worried with how it seemed as if there were swamps flowing through the resort grounds. But it was very deceiving. Although, we were able to see a white crocodile (which was totally closed in so it couldn't escape)!
Dani & Mom riding off on the Jetskii!
Check out this crazy storm! These would blow in every day around 3, normally producing no rain at all. But it allowed me to get some awesome shots!
Kayaking was a little harder than we expected, but it was pretty fun!
Can you say YUM?!? Yes, I was legal to drink in Mexico, and yes, I did drink! But responsibly of course!
This was night #2! They had a gala dinner for all platinum suite members! 
Sunset on night #2/ Full day #1
And that concludes Full day #1/ Night #2!

I was really so pleased with how amazing our resort was, as well as the staff and everyone who made it so marvelous! Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

XoXo- Tiffani

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  1. Wow. Looks like you guys had a great time. I enjoyed seeing all the photos!