Date Night, Shopping & Presents, Oh my!

Happy July 3rd y'all! It feels so weird saying "July" already! I guess this is what happens when you spend your summer working instead of laying out by the pool every day? That being said, I wouldn't trade my days in Nannyland for anything!

Tuesday nights are mine and Thomas' "date nights," I'm not sure why we elected Tuesday (other than it being one of his only nights off) but we did, and each week we find something new to do or some place new to eat at! Normally we do Mexican, because well... we LOVE Mexican food! But this week we switched it up a little and decided to go for pizza at California Pizza kitchen

This is the pizza we got. He and I both love chicken & pineapple pizza, but considering that wasn't an option here, we went for the "Hawaiian" with thin crust. Although the pizza was good, the edges were a little burnt and for $15 I expected a little better. Overall, we both enjoyed the meal but both gave it a 7 on our grading scale. I'll stick to our large thin crust chicken, pineapple, onion pizza from Domino's that we get for under $10!

After our dinner we ventured out into the mall! Not really looking for anything in particular, I found, or maybe I should say Thomas found, an adorable blue and white chevron shirt, which I am in love with! It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but if it's cute, it's worth it right? I was also able to stop by old navy and snagged a couple of their $5 v-necks as well as a few $5 tank tops for Thomas and another pair of their adorable shorts for just $10! Overall, a successful shopping trip!

As many people know, I am a nanny, and I love being a nanny very much! The past couple of weeks with the quad family that I work for have been busy busy getting ready for their big move! So this morning when I showed up with breakfast to celebrate their last morning before the move, I was greeted with a thank you present! Which I am absolutely in love with!
It's a Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Electric Kettle! Amber (Quad mom) has one and I told her a few weeks back how I knew I would have to end up buying one because it just seemed too handy, especially with how much tea I drink! So the whole point of bringing this up (Other than to show you what an awesome present I got) was to remind people that are my age that you don't have to stay at some crappy job just because you need money. I love being a nanny, I also know that I wont be a nanny forever, but for right now, I could not be happier with the job I have!

Along with most of the DFW metroplex, I'll be heading out to Kaboom Town later tonight to enjoy food & fireworks. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th Of July!

XoXo- Tiffani


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    1. Thanks so much Brenda! I'm still in the growing process, but I'm excited!