And the party keeps going!

Just because the long holiday weekend is over does NOT mean the party has to end! Right? Right!

Although I've been working non-stop, I was able to enjoy the weekend to the fullest! The quad family that I work for is in the process of moving into their gorgeous new home, and I've spent the last few days helping them adjust, unpack and of course, watching the precious little quads! We even got out for a lunch with the babies at my favorite restaurant, Gloria's! Lots of fun!

Sunday afternoon, Thomas and I decided to venture out to yet another mexican restaurant, Anamia's, in West Plano. I had been there once before with family, but didn't eat much, and I definitely made up for my lack of eating last time this time! 

This was what we started with! Table side Guacamole! There was SO much! The lady used 6 avocados plus everything else that goes into it! Once I saw this, I figured I'd settle for a small bowl of chicken soup (my favorite), and boy was I stuffed! Oh and I forgot to mention, they have super yummy chips! They're either freshly made or brought in from somewhere that REALLY knows how to make their chips! Overall, I'd rate it an 8.5! Very high on this food critics scale ;)

Have I mentioned yet that we leave for Mexico in less than 36 hours? I am beyond excited and beyond behind on my packing! I plan to finish packing tonight and on breaks, catch up on my Pretty Little Liars episodes.

I hope Monday treated everyone well!

XoXo- Tiffani

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  1. Randy and I love Anamia's! They have great margarita's! I love guacamole but haven't had it there yet. Now I MUST try it! Have a great trip! Can't wait to see pictures!

    Hugs to you, Dani and your mom!