Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Foodie's Guide to Park City

You know that feeling you get when you know something awesome is about to happen? That's me every year when Thomas starts asking what we are going to do for my birthday! I never know exactly what he has in mind, but I know it is always going to be an awesome adventure filled with lots and lots of good food!
This year, for my birthday, we decided to hit up Park City, Utah and enjoy everything the town had to offer!
Park City is a ski town, located 7,000 glorious feet above ski sea level. Roughly 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, Park City is a town that was built during the silver mining era and is now known as The Best Snow on Earth.
I teamed up with the guys at Visit Park city to give all of you a look in to some of the delicious spots to grab a bite to eat in and around Park City. 
Little Donuts
I can not explain how stinking cute these little guys are! They fit in the palm of your hand, meaning 1- you can eat double the amount and 2- you can try DOUBLE the amount of awesome flavors. And believe me, you'll want to eat ALL of these donuts. We chatted with the owner, who came from LA to start Little Donuts in Park City. The whole atmosphere of this little shop is fantastic, and definitely a must stop! Bonus- if you're there when the donuts are being made, and you're able to snag a hot cinnamon donut!
The Bridge
When you arrive at The Bridge, you will quickly understand why it is called The Bridge. Nestled at the base of Town Lift, The Bridge has a small cafe feel, with big cafe flavor. There is a Brazilian flare to many of the dishes, and the coffee is to die for! I highly recommend the eggs Benedict and don't skimp on the salsa, it's so worth it!
High West Distillery
Stop what you are doing and bookmark this. Write it down. Hit save. And then write it down again. High West Distillery is the worlds ONLY ski in/ ski out distillery! How freaking cool is that? High West is home to some amazing whiskey, delicious cocktails, exquisite food, and incredible distillery! Housed in an old stable, High West started out as a small distillery turned restaurant.
With everything from craft cocktails to beer, High West has you covered. I ordered the High West lemonade and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. I'm not the biggest whiskey drinker, but this lemonade was so easy to drink, I probably had more than I should have!
If you like spicing things up, or are incredibly cold after a morning on the slopes, I would highly recommend the shishito peppers appetizer. Half of them are fried, and half are steamed, and they are all delicious. But be careful, they pack a punch, especially when paired with the spicy mayo. 
For lunch, I snagged the chicken schnitzel (*insert heart eye emoji*) Thomas devoured the burger and we shared some of the jalapeno mac and cheese. I can honestly tell you, not one thing was left untouched. And every single thing was delicious. 
We ended up going back for dessert the next night because we didn't have time for dessert the day before. But really, if you don't judge a place by the kind of desserts they have, how are you even judging them. This is a Grilled Cinnamon Dusted Krispy Kreme Donut, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whiskey Caramel sauce, AKA heaven in my mouth.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about bar food, and I don't normally find bar food to be something I just love, but Legends bar is a game changer! This spot is located at the base of the Pay Day lift (aka right outside of our resort) so we hit it up to check it out. Thomas had (of course) done the research on this place before I did and he knew we had to check out the ahi tuna nachos, and y'all, they do not disappoint!
Working the slopes all morning can really work up an appetite, or a need for drinks, you know, whatever works. We grabbed a couple Moscow Mules with High West Vodka and a few (too many) of the butterscotch hot chocolates and they were to die for! The perfect thing to warm us up before we headed back out to the slopes!
Tupelo was easily one of my favorite stops while in Park City. We started the night with some of the delicious mini biscuits with honey butter. I am from the south, and I can proudly say these are some of the best dang biscuits I have ever had. Add a little butter, and you're in heaven. Such a simple appetizer, but so so so good! 
If you've been following along for any amount of time, you know I really, really, REALLY hate eggs. I don't like them here or there, I don't like them anywhere (Dr. Seuss anyone?). I just don't like them. But somehow Thomas convinced me to order these deviled eggs, really he knew I couldn't turn down prosciutto in any form, so we got them. And I devoured them. I almost ate three of them, but Thomas snatched his second one before I could. They were to die for. Seriously. Amazing. Have I been wrong about eggs this whole time? Probably not. But I sure am glad I tried these eggs!
For dinner, Thomas grabbed the Elk bolognese, and it practically melted in my mouth. But while his was good, mine was spectacular. I had the bass with the most incredible flavor. Both of our entrees blew us away!
As any good birthday trip should, this meal ended with dessert. While, all of their desserts sounded so tempting, we wanted something we hadn't had before. So we agreed on the poached pear. A pear, poached in wine, served with earl grey ice cream, shortbread cookies AND berries. Do I need to say more? No? Didn't think so. 
Snowed Inn
This restaurant is an experience y'all. Not only did we get to ride a horse drawn sleigh up the mountain, we got to have the most amazing meal to accompany that sleigh ride.
First course: Chili! I love chili, I really really love chili, but I don't love other peoples' chili. I'm skeptical, and very partial to my recipe. But you guys, this chili made my chili look silly. There's something about chili, being served with a ladle, out of a cast iron pot. It was delicious, and the jalepenos gave it the perfect kick!
Have I mentioned their apple cider? Im not a huge apple cider fan, apples make my stomach hurt, their apple cider made me want to swim in it with a straw. It's a recipe that is made every single day from scratch. There is something about the words "from scratch" that just make my mouth water.
For dinner, we were able to choose what we wanted, there was fresh trout, steak, pot roast, and another option, but as always, I went with the trout.... The trout that was caught that morning, the trout that was cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth. Don't let the picture fool you, this was one of the most immaculate pieces of fish I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was divine.
For dessert, they whipped up chocolate brownies with ice cream on top! They even added a candle and sang happy birthday to me! Perfection. Literal perfection! 
Every meal we had in Park City was to die for, regardless of breakfast lunch or dinner.
Ever been to Park City? What restaurant were you just in love with?

*While I was compensated by Visit Park City for this post, all opinions are my own, and as always, we thank you for supporting the brands that support Savvy Southern Belle.*


Monday, January 9, 2017

Air Travel Must Haves

1. Space Saver bags
These are absolute heaven! Especially if you are traveling with only a carry on. We use them for ski travel and it makes things so much easier, and gives us so much more room in our bag for all of the extra stuff we need. They are the best!
2. Headphone splitter
This is a big one if you usually have a travel companion. Thomas and I occasionally watch a movie or want to listen to the same music (normally I just want to sleep), and this headphone splitter has made doing that so much easier. You can fit up to five headphones in it, so this is perfect for watching movies with a person on either side of you!
3. Ginger Candies
AKA motion sickness saver! I am the queen of motion sickness. I get it in the car, on a plane, sitting down, standing up, laying in a bed. You name it, and I've had motion sickness in or on it. I've tried tons of different candies, like these Queasy Drops, but so far the ginger candy chews are my favorite. If you truly can't stand the taste of ginger the Queasy Drops are definitely the next best thing!
4. Your favorite chap stick
I don't care where you are going, what activities you might be doing, you need chap stick. Not only does the elevation of flying dry you out, but chances are wherever you're going isn't going to be so kind on your skin either. Save yourself the trouble and just pack a few different ones! My favorite for cold climates is Burts Bee's and my favorite everyday chap stick is the Rodan Fields chap stick!
5. These water bottles
While I love both my Yeti and my Rtic cups, they are difficult to use on the airplane. I love having a bottle that I can close up and put in the seat back or on the floor without having to worry about spilling it! These stainless steel water bottles are perfect, and they are far cheaper than the pricey S'well Bottles!
6. Poo-Pouri
Need I say more? No one likes a stinky airplane bathroom. Actually, I don't even like going to the bathroom period on an airplane, but sometimes, you gotta go!
7. RFID Card Sleeves 
Some people have no idea how these little guys can literally save you when traveling. I know I sure didn't. There are so many crazies out there trying to steal all of your info, but if you have your credit cards, traveler ID cards, or any other important card (or passport for that matter) in a RFID protected sleeve, you can save yourself the trouble of identity theft and/or having your accounts drained! There's so many great ones like these super hero ones!
8. The most amazing travel pillow ever
I think anyone who has ever flown and tried to sleep understands the importance of a good travel pillow. I have tried a lot. I mean a LOT. This is the one and only travel pillow I would ever actually recommend. It is so perfect. I don't know how they do it, but I get the most comfortable sleep with this little guy- and he isn't annoying to lug around the airport!
9. Bose QuietComfort headphones
Y'all know me. I'm frugal. I don't like to spend money on things that I know can be bought for a cheaper price in a similar product. But you guys, THERE IS NO COMPARISON with these headphones. None. Don't tell me Beats, not Sony, not any of those. These headphones are the king of all headphones. You know the noise you hear on the plane? The general cabin noise? The noise you can hear even behind all of the other leading headphones? There is none of that with these headphones. Not one single bit. It is pure magic. These are worth every single penny!
What is something you just can't live without when you are traveling on an airplane?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Foodie Guide to San Diego

Food Guide to San Diego
You want to know the FIRST thing we do when picking a place to travel? Okay, maybe not the first, but easily one of the first couple of things we do... Find all the food! Thomas is truly the best at this, I don't know where or how he gets all the hottest local spots (and all the big ones too), but he always finds them!
In case you missed it, on Monday, I shared my favorite areas to hang out in when checking out San Diego, and now I am back with all the hottest places to grab a bite to eat!

1. Donut Bar
This famous little hot spot is the perfect stop if you have a busy day ahead. There are SO. MANY. DONUTS. And they are GIANT. We snagged two Monte Cristo donuts, a maple bacon, a pop tart donut (donut with a pop tart in the middle), a lemon blueberry and a Homer- which is exactly what you might think! All of them were delicious, and I am SO glad we had four people to help even out the tasting!

2. BarleyMash
Brunch Brunch Brunch. If you've been following along for any amount of time, you know I have a serious love affair with brunch. We had actually received a rec to go here for dinner and enjoy the nightlife from a friend, but never made it. We popped in for brunch and fell in love. If you enjoy all of the typical brunch items, but amplified this spot is for you! We snagged some favorites like their super sticky cinnamon roll appropriately called the Sin-A-Bun, a veggie sweet potato hash, the breakfast burger, and lots and lots of bloody Mary's from their extensive bloody Mary bar!
3. Pacific Beach Fish Shop
This is one of those super local spots that Thomas dug up. Tucked away outside of the city is this little fish market and shop. The main attraction (for us) was the halibut fish tacos. Sort background- Thomas' family is from Alaska, and his mom really knows her fish, especially halibut, so we were on the hunt for halibut fish tacos. Unfortunately they were out of halibut, so we opted for the Ono fish tacos and they were amazing! Actually, all of the tacos we got were amazing. I loved how you chose your fish, then your seasonings and then if you wanted them fried or grilled! Options make me happy!
4. Casa de Reyes
This delicious spot in the heart of Old Town San Diego is fabulous for some Al Fresco dining! We love sitting in the open patio area munching on chips and salsa, and margaritas. Lots of margaritas. We all shared their tortillas soup and enchiladas. They were good and definitely reminded me of some of our favorite restaurants at home!
5. Buon Appetito
This spot in Little Italy is perfect for a nicer dinner out. We came in for our one nice dinner of the trip, by nice I mean we got dressed up, wore something other than comfy shoes, and drank lots of wine. Thomas' mom and I shared their risotto and it was one of the best risottos I have ever had. She and I also shared the insulate tricolor, and holy YUM. The boys shared some kind of meat & pasta dish and it was fabulous. Definitely a great stop if you're in the mood for something a little more formal- don't forget to make a reservation!
6. Rust General Store
I mentioned this spot in my Places to explore in San Diego post, but this general store is just too fabulous to miss. Both Thomas' mom Janet and I love finding unique things, aka walls filled with tons of different spices and chocolates. So as you can imagine, we were both in heaven. The ladies in the general store were so friendly and incredibly helpful. We ended up taking home lots of their chocolates, unique salts and other goodies!
7. Extraordinary Desserts
If you are willing to look for it, you will find it. This immaculate spot is hidden away in somewhat of an industrial area. They have cases and cases of gorgeously decorated desserts and fun sweets to see!

8. The Cravory
After we filled up on Fish Tacos we needed a little something sweet. So to The Cravory we went! The Cravory had tons of artisan cookies that I could have never dreamed up, and of course, some of the traditional ones! Stop in, grab a dozen and enjoy them for a few days at home, that's what we did!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Exploring San Diego

Just after thanksgiving this year, we jetted off to San Diego with Thomas' family to do some exploring, but most of all, to enjoy time with family! We made stops at some amazing places, and I've compiled them all here, for you!

Areas to explore in San Diego
Thomas' mom outside of the front door of our AirBnB in Sunset Cliffs
1. Sunset Cliffs
This is actually the neighborhood our AirBnB was in. We probably never would have found it if we hadn't been staying there. This quaint little spot, nestled right on the water (literally) had so many cute stops and fun places to walk around. While we were there, they were hosing a Christmas parade and tons of other Christmas festivities! If you want to hear more about AirBnB check out my AirBnB do's & don'ts post!
Areas to explore in San Diego, CA
Going for a ride on The Giant Dipper
2. Belmont Park
Don't let the look fool you, this little amusement part hosts some amazing times. We stopped here, only looking to ride the Giant Dipper and ended up having an amazing time! The Giant Dipper may look like an old rickety roller coaster, but it is so much fun. We ended up riding it three times and probably would have gone another ten times if we weren't freezing! There is also a few other smaller rides and shops along the way, not to mention a hilarious photo booth that we took FULL advantage of!

3. Little Italy
This little area is every foodie's dream. There was so much food y'all! We had an amazing dinner and checked out some of the adorable shops (can you tell I like food and shops?). (Almost) Everything is down one long street so you're able to see tons of stuff in on long strip. Definitely a must stop if you're looking for some fabulous Italian food.
Areas to explore in San Diego, CA
4. Gaslamp Quarter
This area if fabulous. It reminds me of some of the other ultra trendy areas of places we have visited, minus the over abundance of chain restaurants. The Gaslamp Quarter had tons of neat bars and pubs, mixed with lots of cool shops. I would definitely recommend a night in The Gaslamp Quarter, or brunch there! We went with the later because we spent too much time exploring Little Italy one night, but the brunch scene was just as amazing as the night scene! 
Areas to explore in San Diego, CA
5. Balboa Park
This magnificent park reminds me of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco or Central Park in New York. It is giant! We were visiting during the Balboa nights festival and were amazed at the number of vendors and fun activities there were to do. Balboa Park is also home to THE San Diego Zoo- Hello bucket list! With so much to do and such a huge area, this is the perfect spot to hang out in all day, we sure did!
Areas to explore in San Diego, CA
6. Old Town San Diego
This little area is the absolute best. It reminds me of a little Mexico with tons of Spanish tiling, adobe style buildings small shops and of course, delicious foods. I highly recommend grabbing lunch here, and spending the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops. Parking is a little hairy, but there are a couple free parking areas, and know your car is 100% safe!
Areas to explore in San Diego, CA
Other notable areas:
Unconditional Surrender Sculpture
USS Midway & Museum
Hotel del Coronado
La Jolla Cove
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