Monday, May 15, 2017

10 Best Beauty Products Worth Traveling With

I'm such a minimalist when it comes to traveling... I want to take as few things with me as I can. Not only because when we fly, I always check my bag and can't stand all the over-weight charges, but I also hate having to find a place for all of my stuff once we get to our destination. Now, by this, I definitely don't mean I only bring one pair of underwear and two outfits for a week long stay, but I try (my hardest) not to bring anything that I don't consider an essential for traveling.
Before you read my list, please understand I am a skeptic. I will try any product at least once, but I am always skeptical of how it will work, or if it will even work for me. If I am recommending you a product, it's because I have used it for a long time and know it's worth recommending!

1. Rodan+Fields Enhancements Lash Boost You guys. This stuff is straight from heaven. It is magic, witchcraft, something from the gods! I had never heard of this stuff this time last year, and now I can't live without it! I use it every night, and I might lose my mind if I forgot it while traveling.
I started using this little tube of magic in January and my eyelashes have had SIGNIFICANT growth and I get so many compliments on them now. I know I boast that I love being frugal, but this product is MORE than worth the money. It is amazing! And I've been using the same tube since January and I don't see it running out anytime soon.... So, even if it only lasts six months it's less than $1 per day, and I'd say that's a damn good deal!
2. Primer! I swear by the E.L.F. Color Correcting Primer! We take so many photos while traveling and I hate being able to see my pores or blemishes in photos! The E.L.F. Primer is so cheap and works SO well, I couldn't and wouldn't travel without it! I also love the POREfessional Primer from Benefit Cosmetics, but it's a little more pricey than the ELF primer!
3. Your favorite moisturizer! When traveling I always grab my Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer. I have such sensitive skin, the thought of getting too dry (or too oily) terrifies me. I never have any problems with this moisturizer and it always travels well!
4. Vaseline / 100% Petroleum Jelly I may or may not be a little crazy by recommending this, but you guys, you can't beat the basics when traveling. I take the little travel size of vaseline with me every time I travel. To me, vaseline is a classic product that can pretty much help with everything! Swipe a little on your lashes as a conditioner right before bed, put some on your lips, rub a little on your dry cuticles, the possibilities are endless!
5. Clarisonic Mia Have you caught on that I have problem skin? Well even if you don't have problem skin, this little tool is amazing! Traveling can be stressful and getting blemishes during travel is NOT something I enjoy. Being in different climates and environments is also one of the biggest things that clogs my pores, so having my Clarisonic with me is super important! The adorable carrying case makes packing it very easy!
6. Rodan + Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream Traveling = tons of photos, and no one likes seeing under eye bags in those photos! But sensitive skin = even more sensitive eye skin! I have tried a BILLION eye creams. And I've found one that doesn't make my eyes burn and actually helps with the under eye bags AND keeping the wrinkles at bay!
7. Eyebrow/ Face Razor I know what you're thinking... This girl is shaving her face... Not quite. I hate waxing, shaving and tweezing while traveling (and all the time). I've been using these little face razors for a while now, and they are totally amazing. When traveling, I'd SO MUCH rather spend my days exploring instead of shaving or tweezing, and these razors have allowed me to do that. I was skeptical at first, but the hair certainly grows back slower, thinner, and lighter- mind blown!
8. Travel Size Fragrance. Everyone enjoys smelling nice, and having a travel size of your favorite scent is always a good idea. I love the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for women travel size, and literally never go anywhere without it!
9. Self Tanning Wipes During the summer months, I love having a little extra color. These wipes are so easy to use and are compact and lightweight, so perfect for traveling! I also really like the Tan Towels Brand Self Tanning Wipes, they are just a little pricier than the L'Oreal wipes. Whenever one of those two fail me, or get a little streaky, OR if I have time to let dry, I reach for my Rodan+Fields Sunless tanner! This tanner has seriously saved me when I got a streaky spray tan and needed a little patching!
10. OGX Argan Oil Dry Oil Spray If you are anything like me, you like having pretty and healthy hair (who doesn't?). I 100% credit this spray for keeping my hair looking healthy between cuts! I give it a few sprays in the morning and a few at night, and it has my hair looking AND feeling heavenly. It always finds its way in to my toiletries bag!


What are some of your favorite beauty products that you just have to have when traveling?
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Unique AirBnBs in Texas

I've made my little love affair with AirBnB very clear on here, but I rarely share about some of the AWESOME AirBnB's I come across! With spring break and summer quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to share some of the coolest and most unique AirBnb's that I've found while browsing the site (doesn't everyone put in random dates/times/locations when feeling a little wanderlust?)
I'm so not the kinda girl who likes to stay in the places that everyone knows about. I love finding the craziest, most unique little spots, and calling them mine! That is exactly what this list is! Tons of unique spots across The Great State of Texas that you've probably never heard of, but you're going to be dying to stay at after you do!
If you've never used or signed up for AirBnB, be sure to click the image below and get $40 off your first stay!

Austin, TX
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Yurt Glamping
I am so in love with this little Yurt! Just east of Austin, behind a gorgeous barn is this little yurt. Don't let the simplicity of the yurt fool you, this place is full on GLAM! Perfect for escaping Austin for a few nights to enjoy the country.
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Quaint Backhouse
Farm house sink. Enough said y'all. The Kitchen is what drew me to this spot, who doesn't love a pristine, clean, white kitchen? And at under $200 a night in Fredricksburg, who can beat that?
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Modern Treehouse in Zilker 
Wanna stay in a tree house, minus all the bugs? This little humble abode in Zilker Park would be perfect! Walking distance to Zilker Park, Barton Springs Pool, Barton Creek Greenbelt, Ladybird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, restaurants, food trailers, coffee shops, juice bars, shopping and only a mile from downtown
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Big family? Large group? Y'all this is THE spot! Just south of Austin is this adorable Victorian cabin that is perfect for lots and lots of people! Cheaper and way prettier than a hotel, who wouldn't want to stay here when traveling with the whole fam?
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Howdy Haven Tipi
Want a tipi right in your back yard? For a party? Just for fun? Howdy Haven Tipi is a an "on demand" tipi that Jinny will bring out to whatever location you would like, set it up, and call it yours $150/ night! Where was this when I was 12 and wanted a "tribal" birthday party!?
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Sunrise Tipi
Located just outside of Austin, in Marble Falls, TX, is Sunrise Tipi. The view alone of this spot has me wishing I was waking up there every morning. This Tipi is perfect for a couple looking for a little getaway or just some R&R!

San Antonio, TX
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
The Parker Broadway
If you enjoy the finer prettier things in life, The Parker Broadway is for you. This adorable little spot in San Antonio is perfect for a huge family, or a couple who enjoys the life of luxury!
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
The Texas Bell Glamping
Just north of San Antonio is The Texas Bell. A giant, air conditioned tent, perfect for a weekend of relaxing and enjoying nature! I follow this little gem on Instagram (@TheTexasBellGlamping) and the owners seem like the absolute sweetest couple in the world!
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Cabins on Lost Lane
What really drew me to this spot was the GIANT tree running right through the middle of the house! That, paired with the incredible serenity surrounding this adorable little spot, I'm not sure how anyone could turn it down!

West Texas
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Terlingua Mining Ruin
If straight up camping isn't exactly your thing (it's not ours either!) then you HAVE to check out this little gem outside of Big Bend National Park! While there is no AC, and everything is open, you have all the luxuries of being in a house, without the actual house.
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Terelingua Fancy
Located in Terelingua, TX, just outside of Big Bend National Park is the Terelingua Fancy. It has a queen memory foam mattress and everything else you might think "glamping"would entail!
Unique AirBnBs in Texas
Tin Valley Blue Lizard Tipi
I'm all about the views, y'all! And having a nice, comfy place to sleep after spending the day hiking around a national park... Which means Tin Valley Blue Lizard AirBnB is pretty much my dream. Check out some of the other awesome rental options from Tin Vally here!

So what do you think? Do any of these have you dying for a little Texas getaway?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

6 Non Ski Activities in Park City

If you caught last weeks foodie's guide to Park City you know I promised I'd be back with all the fun activities we did while IN Park City!
So many people think ski towns are just for skiers, and that is totally not true! I shared some of my favorite things to do in Breckenridge that didn't involve skiing, and there were so many people who had no idea there were so many other things to do in a ski town! 
1. Snow Tubing
This is probably one of my most favorite things to do when in the snow! The snow tubing at Gorgoza Park was the best tubing runs I have been on! You grab your tube, hop on the conveyor belt and up you go! No work necessary- haha kidding. But unlike a lot of snow tubing places we have been to, this one had the easiest route to the top. Definitely a great activity for the whole family!
2. Sleigh Ride
This is no Santa's sleigh y'all. Snowed Inn Sleigh Ride and dinner was amazing! This sleigh ride is pulled up the mountain by two gorgeous horses, led by a cowboy who is happy to share tons of stories about the horses, the mountains, and anything else you can think of! Once you ride the sleigh in to the mountains, you hop off at the Snowed Inn lodge where the ride gets even better. You're able to pick from a few different options for your meal, while sipping the BEST apple cider in the whole world (I'm not exaggerating), all while listening to the sounds of the mountain. Cider, chili, fish, steak, salad, and dessert- these guys have it all! Be sure to make a reservation
3. Snowmobiling
Just outside of Park City is Summit Meadow Adventures! It was only about a 15 minute drive from the city, in a secluded mountain area. We've only been snowmobiling a couple times before and this course was definitely more challenging than the others we had been on! There was tons and tons of fresh snow, which was awesome but made for a more challenging ride! If you are up for a serious adventure Snowmobiling with Summit Meadow Adventures is for you!
4. Visit a Spa
Aura Spa is the BEST. Nestled right on Main Street in Park City, this little spa is the perfect retreat after a few days of intense skiing. Thomas surprised me with couples massages on the morning of my birthday and I couldn't have been more excited. The night before we got tons of snow, so they had to shut down some of the main roads in to town, which meant difficulties for some of the spa workers. Aura called us, let us know what was going on, apologized profusely and even gave us a little discount for the troubles. The massages were amazing and exactly what we needed after a full week of adventure.
5. Distillery Tour
I mentioned High West Distillery in my Park City food guide because they have some awesome dishes, but they also have an incredible distillery on site. They offer tours and tastings all day long. I'm not the biggest whiskey person there is, but the moment I tried their double rye, I was hooked! Did I mention it's the worlds only ski-in/ski-out distillery in the world? Pretty cool! Hop off the slopes and ski right in to some delicious whiskey! 
6. Visit Homestead Crater
Dreaming of something a little warmer in this snowy city? Homestead Crater is for you. The mineral water here is a steady 90-96 degrees all year round, making it the worlds only warm water scuba diving spot! Just a short drive outside of Park City (In Midway, Utah) and the perfect escape from the busy ski-town hustle. Check out Groupon before you go- they always have discounts for Homestead! We really wanted to check out the Ice Castles while we were there, but they were closed due to warm weather. 
Bonus 7. Hang on Main Street
I've been to a lot of "Main Streets" and not one of them is the same. In Park City, there were tons of adorable shops, delicious spots to grab a quick bite and everything else you can think of! 

Thinking of heading to Park City sometime soon? Which of these activities would you totally be down for?

*While I was compensated by Visit Park City for this post, all opinions are my own, and as always, we thank you for supporting the brands that support Savvy Southern Belle.*

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Foodie's Guide to Park City

You know that feeling you get when you know something awesome is about to happen? That's me every year when Thomas starts asking what we are going to do for my birthday! I never know exactly what he has in mind, but I know it is always going to be an awesome adventure filled with lots and lots of good food!
This year, for my birthday, we decided to hit up Park City, Utah and enjoy everything the town had to offer!
Park City is a ski town, located 7,000 glorious feet above ski sea level. Roughly 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, Park City is a town that was built during the silver mining era and is now known as The Best Snow on Earth.
I teamed up with the guys at Visit Park city to give all of you a look in to some of the delicious spots to grab a bite to eat in and around Park City. 
Little Donuts
I can not explain how stinking cute these little guys are! They fit in the palm of your hand, meaning 1- you can eat double the amount and 2- you can try DOUBLE the amount of awesome flavors. And believe me, you'll want to eat ALL of these donuts. We chatted with the owner, who came from LA to start Little Donuts in Park City. The whole atmosphere of this little shop is fantastic, and definitely a must stop! Bonus- if you're there when the donuts are being made, and you're able to snag a hot cinnamon donut!
The Bridge
When you arrive at The Bridge, you will quickly understand why it is called The Bridge. Nestled at the base of Town Lift, The Bridge has a small cafe feel, with big cafe flavor. There is a Brazilian flare to many of the dishes, and the coffee is to die for! I highly recommend the eggs Benedict and don't skimp on the salsa, it's so worth it!
High West Distillery
Stop what you are doing and bookmark this. Write it down. Hit save. And then write it down again. High West Distillery is the worlds ONLY ski in/ ski out distillery! How freaking cool is that? High West is home to some amazing whiskey, delicious cocktails, exquisite food, and incredible distillery! Housed in an old stable, High West started out as a small distillery turned restaurant.
With everything from craft cocktails to beer, High West has you covered. I ordered the High West lemonade and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. I'm not the biggest whiskey drinker, but this lemonade was so easy to drink, I probably had more than I should have!
If you like spicing things up, or are incredibly cold after a morning on the slopes, I would highly recommend the shishito peppers appetizer. Half of them are fried, and half are steamed, and they are all delicious. But be careful, they pack a punch, especially when paired with the spicy mayo. 
For lunch, I snagged the chicken schnitzel (*insert heart eye emoji*) Thomas devoured the burger and we shared some of the jalapeno mac and cheese. I can honestly tell you, not one thing was left untouched. And every single thing was delicious. 
We ended up going back for dessert the next night because we didn't have time for dessert the day before. But really, if you don't judge a place by the kind of desserts they have, how are you even judging them. This is a Grilled Cinnamon Dusted Krispy Kreme Donut, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whiskey Caramel sauce, AKA heaven in my mouth.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about bar food, and I don't normally find bar food to be something I just love, but Legends bar is a game changer! This spot is located at the base of the Pay Day lift (aka right outside of our resort) so we hit it up to check it out. Thomas had (of course) done the research on this place before I did and he knew we had to check out the ahi tuna nachos, and y'all, they do not disappoint!
Working the slopes all morning can really work up an appetite, or a need for drinks, you know, whatever works. We grabbed a couple Moscow Mules with High West Vodka and a few (too many) of the butterscotch hot chocolates and they were to die for! The perfect thing to warm us up before we headed back out to the slopes!
Tupelo was easily one of my favorite stops while in Park City. We started the night with some of the delicious mini biscuits with honey butter. I am from the south, and I can proudly say these are some of the best dang biscuits I have ever had. Add a little butter, and you're in heaven. Such a simple appetizer, but so so so good! 
If you've been following along for any amount of time, you know I really, really, REALLY hate eggs. I don't like them here or there, I don't like them anywhere (Dr. Seuss anyone?). I just don't like them. But somehow Thomas convinced me to order these deviled eggs, really he knew I couldn't turn down prosciutto in any form, so we got them. And I devoured them. I almost ate three of them, but Thomas snatched his second one before I could. They were to die for. Seriously. Amazing. Have I been wrong about eggs this whole time? Probably not. But I sure am glad I tried these eggs!
For dinner, Thomas grabbed the Elk bolognese, and it practically melted in my mouth. But while his was good, mine was spectacular. I had the bass with the most incredible flavor. Both of our entrees blew us away!
As any good birthday trip should, this meal ended with dessert. While, all of their desserts sounded so tempting, we wanted something we hadn't had before. So we agreed on the poached pear. A pear, poached in wine, served with earl grey ice cream, shortbread cookies AND berries. Do I need to say more? No? Didn't think so. 
Snowed Inn
This restaurant is an experience y'all. Not only did we get to ride a horse drawn sleigh up the mountain, we got to have the most amazing meal to accompany that sleigh ride.
First course: Chili! I love chili, I really really love chili, but I don't love other peoples' chili. I'm skeptical, and very partial to my recipe. But you guys, this chili made my chili look silly. There's something about chili, being served with a ladle, out of a cast iron pot. It was delicious, and the jalepenos gave it the perfect kick!
Have I mentioned their apple cider? Im not a huge apple cider fan, apples make my stomach hurt, their apple cider made me want to swim in it with a straw. It's a recipe that is made every single day from scratch. There is something about the words "from scratch" that just make my mouth water.
For dinner, we were able to choose what we wanted, there was fresh trout, steak, pot roast, and another option, but as always, I went with the trout.... The trout that was caught that morning, the trout that was cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth. Don't let the picture fool you, this was one of the most immaculate pieces of fish I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was divine.
For dessert, they whipped up chocolate brownies with ice cream on top! They even added a candle and sang happy birthday to me! Perfection. Literal perfection! 
Every meal we had in Park City was to die for, regardless of breakfast lunch or dinner.
Ever been to Park City? What restaurant were you just in love with?

*While I was compensated by Visit Park City for this post, all opinions are my own, and as always, we thank you for supporting the brands that support Savvy Southern Belle.*

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