Monday, December 11, 2017

Double Chocolate Overnight French Toast

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Now, if you're anything like me, you know the holidays are hectic, and time is usually pretty tight. Theres nothing that I love more than the tastes of homemade this and that, but more times than not, there just isn't enough time for every aspect to be homemade.
Which is why I love turning to Marie Callender® pre-made loaf cakes! They are made from scratch, taste amazing, and are the perfect addition (or spotlight) to any meal!
As I was scanning the frozen aisle at Kroger, I saw the Marie Callender® Double Chocolate Loaf cake, and knew I could create the perfect holiday breakfast with it!

1 Marie Callender Double Chocolate Loaf cake
2 eggs
3/4 cup of half and half
1tsp. ground cinnamon
2 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. vanilla extract

1. Thaw Marie Callender loaf cake for 1.5 hours on the counter.
2. Remove Marie Callender loaf cake from packaging.
3. Slice Marie Callender loaf cake in to 1/2 inch slices; should yield between 8-10 slices. 
4. Cut each slice in to 6 cubes, and line a glass dish with cubes, and set aside.
5. In a small mixing bowl, combine eggs, half and half, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract, and whisk for two minutes. 
6. Pour mixture over cake cubes, and cover. A small amount of the mixture will be visible in the bottom of the dish. Place in refrigerator overnight.
7. Heat oven to 350°.
8. Uncover, and bake 20 minutes on bottom rack, recover with foil, and back on top rack for 20 minutes. Uncover and cook on top shelf for 5 minutes.
9. Let cool, and serve with Reddi-Whip!

And I always top my sweet breakfast treats (or any treat for that matter) with Reddi-Whip, because it seriously is the perfect addition to any recipe! Now, I'm not saying this recipe is guilt free, by any means, but Reddi-Whip is made with real cream and is 15 calories per serving, so win-win? I think so!

Not only is this dish incredibly delicious, it's easy to prep and easy to cook on any holiday morning! If you'd like to purchase either of the items I mentioned, you can click below to add them to your shopping list, and check out the coupons!


Friday, November 10, 2017

Tips for Unique Engagement Photos

It's no secret, Thomas and I LOVE the city of Dallas. It's home. It's where we live, and, more importantly, where we fell in love. We wanted to do something unique that really represented us for our engagement photos. So, we decided on The State Fair of Texas! 
We have been season pass holders every, single year since we began dating and go at least a dozen times each year. We love the food, the atmosphere, the people, the football, the everything! But, since the fair is such a busy place, and there are always a ton of people, we knew we were going to really have to be on top of the planning and strategy for the shoot!
Once we found an amazing photographer, who was crazy enough (and insanely talented) to go along with our idea, we set out for a sunset engagement shoot at The State Fair of Texas!
Photographer: Nat Chittamai | Instagram | Facebook
Chose a location that totally represents you.
This was a no brainer for us. We wanted something that SCREAMED "Thomas and Tiffani," so we chose a place where we had so many wonderful memories, a place that meant a lot to us, and one that all of our friends and family would literally say "These are SO YOU," which they did.  
Bring your support system!
Especially if you are going to a busy place, somewhere there is a lot of traffic, or a decent amount of foot traffic, you need people there! Whether it's to hold your lipstick, and all the little extras you brought along, or just for emotional support, bring them along. Having someone else there adds a different dynamic, and might make being in a busy place less awkward.
Don't be afraid to share your ideas with your photographer!
When we first contacted Nat he recommended we start a Pinterest board, so we did! It gave Nat a good idea of the photos we wanted, and let him see what we are looking for. Having engagement photos in a unique location, that not many people use, make things a little more difficult, but having a baseline idea of the kinds of photos we wanted beforehand made it so much easier to go through the motions during the engagement shoot.
Bring props that mean something to you!
The whole point of having a unique engagement photo session is to be unique! So do it! Bring props that are unique to you guys, your location, or something you love! We snagged this "Howdy, Folks!" printable from Whiski Designs the minute we saw it go up on their Instagram! It is so cute, and was the perfect accessory to our engagement shoot at the state fair!
Tell people around you what you're doing!
Sound silly right? People should just know you're in the midst of a photo shoot, but they don't. Let people know. They'll often give you a little extra! In our case, we were graced with free cotton candy (see below), our photographer and moms were able to ride the carousel with us, and a few other things. Especially if people are staring, and trying to figure out what they're doing, let 'em know! Everyone loves hearing about an engagement! 
Have total confidence while shooting!
When shooting unique engagement photos, you are bound to have people staring. Whether you're in a park, and wearing crazy clothes, or in the middle of the State Fair of Texas with a photographer in tow, OWN IT! Know people are just curious, and you have to be confident in order to get the best pictures possible!
Don't worry about peoples' reactions!
If this isn't your life motto (it's totally mine), live by this, y'all! Don't worry about everything going on around you. Engagement photos are supposed to show how in love you and your significant other are, and of course, to show off the gorgeous asset on your left ring finger! Get lost in the person you are with, flirt, laugh, and enjoy each other. Don't worry about anyone else... Except maybe your photographer!
 If you are interested in seeing more of our engagement photos, head over to our wedding website and check them out ->
Also, if you are looking for an amazing engagement photographer in Dallas, be sure to check out Nat Chittamai!
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