Friday, September 30, 2016

10 Top Things To Do at The State Fair of Texas

Texas Star ferris wheel
The State Fair of Texas is kinda the biggest deal to hit Texas since, well ever. You guys, I'm not kidding. Schools shut down AND give students free tickets because they know kids would end up skipping school to go anyways. The entire city, and state for that matter, prepares for this all year long. Now, with the incredibly overwhelming size of The State Fair of Texas, it;s easy to get lost in all of the fun there is to do, so I've got you covered. I'm sharing 10 of my favorite, things you must do at The State Fair of Texas
Fletcher's corny dog 
This might be the thing that should be number one on everyone's list. Fletcher's is iconic at The State Fair of Texas, and no fair experience is complete without one. Snag one at the booths by Big Tex and get a pic with your corny dog and the big guy, all in one shot.
Play a game at the Midway 
Did you even visit the fair if you don't play at least one game? There's something invigorating about shooting plates or tossing a basketball in the hoop!
Ride the gondola 
Hoisted high above the midway, is the State Fair Gondola. You can see just about every aspect of the park from the carriage of the gondola. 
Try fried everything 
Now, really, I think this is a given when going to The State Fair of Texas. Seriously. We have more fried foods in a square mile than most places do in an entire city.
GoTexan building
This building is absolutely fabulous. Everything sold and marketed in here is made in the great state of Texas! Not to mention, there are tons and tons of free samples to snack on that aren't fried! The GoTexan building is located at the back of the fair, by the petting zoo and livestock area. 
Starlight Parade 
This parade is one of the best parts of the Fair each and every night.  Floats, horses, clowns, you name it, they have it! 
Automotive Buildings 
This one might be a little silly, but seriously, the automotive buildings at The State Fair are the best. They not only show off some fab cars, but they are some of the only air conditioned buildings at the fair! And with temps well in to the 90's some days, you'll need all of the relief from the heat you can get.
Take picture with Big Tex
No State Fair experience is complete without a picture with the big guy himself. It is absolutely imperative to snag a pic of you and Big Tex. This year, he will be wearing a giant ribbon to commemorate the officers we lost in Dallas on July 7th.
Ride the Texas Star 
It's not rated the best Ferris wheel for nothing! Take a ride on all 212 feet, and have some of the best views of The City of Dallas! The Star is the largest Ferris wheel in North America, is it's the best in the world!
See a concert
You'd be seriously surprised at how many concerts there are at The State Fair! With everything from Country to Latino, they have it all!

As always, Thomas and I grabbed our season passes and are set for lots of date nights at The State Fair of Texas, and I can not wait! 
Have you ever been to The State Fair of Texas? Do you have a fair in your hometown? I wanna hear about it!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Easy Fall Mantle {Giveaway}

If there is one thing I know, it's that just about everyone loves fall. I mean, cooler temps, darker colors, sweaters and pumpkins. All. Of. The. Pumpkins. Pumpkin decorations, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin facials, everything has something to do with pumpkins. I'm no exception to the rule when it comes to the love of pumpkins. They are everywhere in my life. I always get just a little bit excited when I see all of the beautiful fall decor items go up at craft and home stores. 
Every year, I've shared about my fall decor, and how we've done it on a budget, but never before have we actually had a mantle to decorate- something that has driven me crazy in the past. But, after moving in to our townhouse, we finally have a mantle, and I can finally decorate one.
1. Fill empty space. As you saw in the Home Decor on a Budget post, and last years fall decor share, we have a giant clock from Magnolia Market, which has been above our couch ever since we moved in to our townhouse. Initially, we planned to have a couple large frames and a fall banner above the mantle, but after trying a few different pieces above it, the clock was what looked the best. You have to think about shapes. Everything else on this wall was already square, so adding something circular gave it more dimension!
2. Color! Silly thing right? Fall is the time when there are so many wonderful warm colors. But it's often hard to find items of varying color, especially if you're shopping at all the same places. Throw some deep reds in there with all of your shades of orange. Add a couple white pumpkins and some brown lanterns or firewood! Heck, go crazy! The more warm tones of varying color, the better.
3. Use pieces of varying height. I think this is a big one for me. It creates so much dimension and when you throw in different textures, it seriously rounds everything off. Fall is all about the warm tones, but you don't want to keep using the exact same warm tone, because that would get a little boring.
Happy Fall Y'all!

I also have an awesome giveaway that I want to share with you guys! I've teamed up with Kristine from My Little Box of Tricks, and some awesome bloggers to offer you a prize pack worth over $115, and it will totally get you ready for fall!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Drab to Fab {With PledgeⓇ}

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, and as always Savvy Southern Belle thanks you for supporting the brands that support us. #PledgeReflectionOfYou #CollectiveBias

Now that I am living on my own, I catch myself leaning towards the Pledge® products when I’m looking for a great clean all over the house.
After moving in to our little townhouse, I knew we were going to need to seriously help our laundry room (really laundry closet), because it was awful. As you’ve seen, I have slowly been redoing rooms and changing hardware here and there. It’s no secret that I am no interior designer, and my home does not look like it came right out of Architectural Digest, but that’s not what’s important to me. More than anything, I just want our house to feel like and represent a (cutely decorated/very organized) livable, home!

Even in our apartment we had an actual laundry room, and I’m really missing it because this laundry closet business is for the birds. Nonetheless, we’re making do with what we have. After carefully assessing my options, I knew we couldn’t tear down walls and make it a full on room (AKA Thomas said no), so I settled for some new paint, a deep cleaning and a few organizational changes.

First and foremost, I had to get cleaning, and I knew exactly the products for the job. Pledge®!

I headed out to my trusty Kroger to grab all of my Pledge® cleaning items. I love being able to grab just about anything when I hit up my Kroger. Food? Got it. Cleaning supplies? Got it! Kroger is the bomb, y’all! I picked up the Pledge® Lemon Wipes and Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray because I knew they’d get the job done and I was on my way.
Isn’t it crazy how quickly we can let the things we love become so dirty? I am honestly ashamed at how fast I let this happen to our little laundry room. But what I’m not the least bit ashamed about is how fast Pledge® whipped my laundry room into shape.
Before I began cleaning anything I unplugged my washer and dryer just to be safe.
It took a little elbow grease, but with a few scrubs of the Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray, my dirty dryer top came completely clean. I was totally channeling my inner little girl and gave everything a second spray just to reminisce and have the fresh citrus scent linger a little longer.
Funny story- our laundry closet is jacked up. Lint flies everywhere when we use the dryer, and it makes a huge mess. And guess what? THERE IS NO FIXING IT. Awesome, right? The joys of living in (technically) a quadplex.
I used the Pledge® Lemon Wipes to give everything else a good wipe down. I mean wood shelves, metal shelves, stainless steel dryer tops, I’m talking everything Pledge®, and I was done! The Pledge® Lemon wipes are so strong, and leave behind a fabulous lemon scent. I had no trouble getting caked on stains or lint off of shelving and, of course, my washer and dryer.

You know that feeling you get when you start doing something you love? Well that’s me with the Pledge® Lemon wipes… I seriously used them all over my house. I took them upstairs, cleaned the railing in our loft, wiped down my bathroom counters (ew), cleaned off the window sills and blinds… You guys, there aren't many surfaces that these Pledge® Lemon wipes can’t handle! I love having a home that’s clean, and I love taking care of cleaning all of the items I love with Pledge®.
While, it may not be the laundry room you see in the interior design magazines, it is definitely an improvement for me. It’s easy to love a space that looks this great when it was that easy to keep it clean! Pledge® helps me keep my special items and places around the house that are important to me clean and protected!
Are you as obsessed with keeping all of your house clean like I am? Head over to their Facebook page to see all of the other ways you can use Pledge® products around your house!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

24 Hours in Toronto

A few weeks ago, Thomas and I packed our bags and headed north! Our first stop was to visit family in Detroit, but after a few days in the D, we were off to Toronto. We actually made a little road trip out of it. From Detroit, we headed north. While crossing in to Canada, we had our car searched- I'm talking the kind of stuff you see in the movies- searched, the kind that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, scary! Probably didn't help that we were driving through before 5am, but it made for a great story afterwards.
Before heading to Toronto, we made a little pit stop at Niagara Falls and had the best time hanging around and exploring. But before long, we were ready to head to Toronto.
Knowing we did not have much time, we made a list of the FIVE things we just had to do in Toronto.
1. The Distillery District. This area is older than the city of Toronto itself. There were tons of adorable little shops, brick walkways adorned with ivy covered building, and lots and lots of flowers. I was totally in heaven with all of the picturesque buildings and fun shops! 

 If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you got a sneak peek at the fabulous view from our AirBnB! We could literally look out of our bed and see the Toronto skyline and the harbor. It was fabulous!

 2. The second thing that you must do in Toronto in 24 hours would definitely be to catch a game at The Rodgers Centre! After all, this was the entire reason we made the trek up to Toronto. Both Thomas and I were so impressed with the stadium. The number of food options inside really beats out all of the other ballparks we have been to. And You can literally rent a hotel room in the outfield, how cool is that?

3. Edge Walk at The CN Tower. Now I know what you're thinking- I'm crazy. And while I can't disagree with you on that one, this experience is one that is life changing y'all and I have to recommend it to anyone and everyone! After a brief but thorough info session, you are suited up and shipped to the top of The CN Tower, 116 stories high. We leaned over the city, we fell backwards over the city, heck, we even threw up a Hook 'Em over the city. All while being 1168 feet up in the air.
 4. St Lawrence Market. If you haven't noticed yet, Thomas and I have a love for markets. We will find them wherever we go, and we will explore them for as long as we can. We popped in to the St. Lawrence Market just before we headed out of Toronto and could not have been happier. There were so many different kinds of foods, and desserts, and crafts we were in heaven. Thomas and I shared some delicious Chinese food, snacked on some sweet pastries and rounded off our souvenir shipping. We could have easily spent another four hours here.
Tim Hortons
5. So maybe this place is a chain, and we all know I am totally against chains, but their ice coffee is off the chain! Thomas and I stopped in to Tim Horton's after we left the Blue Jay's game for a quick bite and ended up falling in love with their ice coffee! I'd totally pop in for an ice coffee if I'm ever in Toronto again.

We had the best time in Toronto, and I totally wish we had more time to spend exploring this fabulous city, but I know we'll be back eventually.
Where have you been traveling lately?
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